Aqua Yoga Props

Just as props in a land practice can help us access a certain effect we are seeking in a posture or movement, props in an aqua practice play a similar role with consideration given to the properties of water.


In the water flotation equipment such as pool noodles and kick boards can be utilized to provide resistance or assistance.


Our plan in building this website is to include short tutorials and be an educational resource on how to include the various kinds of flotation equipment in an aqua yoga practice. In the meantime, follow our Facebook page at:


Props for Anchoring the Body

The idea of anchoring the body to another reference point, as practiced in the Iyengar tradition with the use of the wall ropes system, can also be brought to the water environment. Many public pools have lane line eye hooks along the pool wall that can serve as an anchor point. Simply thread a yoga strap through the eye hook and form a complete loop with the strap. We recommend the Manduka strap which has a quick adjust mechanism that works well in water.


In the absence of the eye hook, an anchor point could be established with the help of a dent puller / heavy duty glass lifting tool. This tool works by a suction bond that is formed against a smooth surface. Many pools have 5" square tiles to which you can affix the dent puller tool effectively. The diameter of the suction cup is 4.7". The vertical and horizontal suction are rated quite high; 132 lbs and 176 lbs respectively.