Personal Aqua Practice Consultation or Personalized Structural Fitness Consultation

Creating Movements to Reduce Pain

In our daily activities, we unconsciously have a tendency to move and do things a certain way. The poor movement habits that we have and are unaware of unfortunately create bodily discomfort. The accumulation of these habits as we age potentially leads to structural damage or injury - furthering the experience of pain. 


Through a personalized structural fitness consultation, I can help you uncover unconscious dysfunctional habits and tendencies in your movement patterns. This process is designed to simultaneously help you see those patterns and undo them so that you can learn how to create functional movements for your structure and your daily activities. 

How It Works

  • To help you discover healthy movement for your structure, you'll learn functional breathing as the foundation. 
  • In a session, you will be asked to try movements into and out of various positions coordinated with the breath.
  • Because I am evaluating information you share with me before a session, we will minimize placing you into positions that may be painful for your condition.
  • As an observer of your movements, I'll help direct your attention to areas in your body that are moving dysfunctionally.
  • As I guide your attention, you'll work with the breath to reduce poor movement patterns as you strengthen what is weak and relax what is tense. 

This technique comes from a well-regarded lineage of yoga teaching called Viniyoga.

I highly recommend a personal aqua practice consultation at some point for all students. Beginners who are unsure of how the practice might work with their current conditions should also schedule a personal consult before group class.


I am happy to meet at Aquafit of Plano's warm salt water pool with a client for consultation work.


Personal consultations can also occur at a client's home given that the client has a pool that meets the requirements.

Personal Consultation Process

My approach to consultation work is as follows:


1. You as the client complete an intake form electronically. The information you share helps me understand your current condition. Please feel free to send additional documentation, such as MRI and X-ray images. Specify your preference for a land or aquatic session (or both).


2. After evaluation of your information, I'll create a first draft of your personalized prescription for structured movement (personal script) for the first one-on-one session. 


Please review my Guidelines for a Productive Consultation.


3. The first one-on-one session involves us working together to optimize and refine your personal script with breath-centric movement.


4. After your session, you'll receive a finalized personal script for practice on your own. The script is designed for you to enjoy in a 20-30 minute time frame consistently throughout your week. Return for follow-up as recommended or needed. If you have a question that arises after the session and before your next session, please see my information regarding Remote Consultations.

How to Schedule

For an appointment, it is best to coordinate with me in person as my availability changes from week to week.


Generally at Aquafit of Plano, I will hold personal consultation sessions:

Tuesdays 12:45 - 1:45 pm

Fridays 12:45 - 2:45 pm


If you absolutely need another day/time, just let me know. For home visits I have more flexibility.


I recommend reaching out sooner than later. The current lead time for available appointments is 2 to 3 weeks.


Contact me by calling or texting 214-476-9787 or submit your request through the contact form


The pricing is as follows for start up, whether it is a home visit or a meeting at Aquafit of Plano:

Review of intake form & preparation of script for first session: $25


Personal Consultation Home Visit:

45 minute aqua yoga session: $75

Tips for travel to client's home greatly appreciated.


Personal Consultation at Aquafit's warm salt water pool:

45 minute aqua yoga personal consultation: $95