Take your practice into the water

Our Offerings

Group Schedule

Mon 9:00 am Aqua Yoga
Tue 1:30 pm Aqua Yoga Workshop
Wed 9:00 am Aqua Yoga
  10:30 am Aqua Yoga
Thur 1:30 pm Aqua Yoga Workshop
Fri 9:00 am Aqua Yoga

Private Schedule

Privates are typically scheduled in the early afternoon during the facility's open pool time.


We are proud to call AquaFit of Plano our home!

AquaFit of Plano

1400 Summit Ave, Ste D

Plano, TX 75074


Aqua Yoga is Accessible Yoga!

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it." - Lao Tzu