Aqua Yoga On Your Own Resources

Perhaps you have your own pool or regular access to one and you'd like to explore and enjoy aqua yoga on your own. On this page you'll get an idea of the different types of practices you can enjoy. To see all the practice videos, visit the Dallas Aqua Yoga YouTube channel.


The link to the channel is:


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Special Resource for Patrons

By becoming a Patron Supporter, you will receive access to my ongoing projects! I am building up a library of postures adapted to the aquatic environment from the Viniyoga tradition which will include verbal cues and practice tips. I will continue to develop full length practices for All Access and Fully Immersed Patron Supporters. I want to even share how to put together sequences on that platform!


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Aquatic Viniyoga Essential Practices

Aquatic Viniyoga Athletic Recovery Practices

Sun Salutation Flow Variations

"if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."           -Loren Eiseley