Sandi Tindal, Teacher & Founder of Dallas Aqua Yoga

Sandi Tindal comes from a noteworthy career in engineering and has applied the rigorous thinking and creativity she cultivated in that profession to her work as a yoga teacher - with a high degree of sensitivity and care, she skillfully adapts the ancient teachings and tools of yoga to help others experience their personal pathways for health, healing and transformation in the context of modern life. In addition to continuing her professional Yoga Therapist training under Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute, she is actively engaged in supporting the Aquatics Therapy and Rehab Institute with high caliber material for their members to learn how to bring yoga to the aquatic environment as part of their professional tool set.


Sandi is very interested in making yoga accessible for disadvantaged and disabled populations. She has provided yoga classes for residents of a local safe house for survivors of human trafficking and has worked on establishing a partnership with a local VA hospital to enhance their aquatics program with yoga.


Sandi enjoys studying from different wisdom traditions and finds that elements of the yoga sutras appear in palpable, practical ways in the movement of her life when she is really paying attention. She is fascinated by the idea of overcoming the mind and feels that the depth of meaning in life's moments are infused and hidden in very simple acts - for her, encountering the sacred and the spiritual is about how you are seeing what is happening within you and around you.


Students who have learned about yoga and mentored under her have enjoyed the high-level of attention she gives to detail and nuance to support their personal understanding and development and well as the concrete feedback and encouragement she provides to them for their next steps. Anyone who has a leaning toward sharpening their understanding of sequencing asana and movement biomechanics, an interest in delving more into the link between pranayama and physiology and/or a desire to experience integrating chanting and meditation in their personal practice to support mental-emotional health, will find their time with Sandi to be fruitful, enriching and nourishing.


E-RYT500, ATRI-C, CF-L1 (CrossFit Level 1 Trainer)

B.S. Electrical Engineering


Professional Trainings From:

American Viniyoga Institute

Aquatics Therapy and Rehab Institute


"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart." - Proverbs 27:19