Aquatic Viniyoga Training

For yoga teachers, aquatic professionals, yoga students, aqua yoga students and anyone with a curious mind

How does an aquatic Viniyoga postures practice elucidate the relationship between the breath and the spine? Discover how the properties of water and specific movements provide insight to your body and your breath.

This is Dallas Aqua Yoga's hallmark training unlike any other aqua yoga training! Discover how the properties of water influence and support Viniyoga breath and movement methodology. In this multi-module series learn how buoyancy, water viscosity and hydrostatic pressure can both facilitate and challenge breath-centric movements. You might even be surprised by how yoga postures practice in the water will deepen your understanding of yoga postures practice on land. 


The training program will include lectures, discussions and experiential pool practices.


 In this series, students will:

  • Learn Viniyoga's approach to breath and movement in the water
  • Gain understanding on what water facilitates and what water challenges in yoga asana (postures) practice
  • Identify how the various properties of water affect yoga postures practice and how the inclusion of props in the water enhance and change the practice

Aqua Yoga Training Program 2024


Brand new FLEXIBLE module format in 2024 gives you an in-person training experience that fits your schedule!


COST: $399


In the program format, you select 4 Friday mornings to gain the following:

  • AQUA YOGA TEACHING METHODOLOGY by observing a live aqua yoga class being taught
  • POSTURAL MOVEMENT CLARITY by taking a live aqua yoga class in a small group setting
  • PRIVATE MENTORING that helps you specifically in the direction you plan to go to teach aqua yoga to others

You will accrue 16 CEUs in this process and receive an aqua yoga teaching certification upon completion!


You have the option to select your Fridays! This could be:

  • once per week for 4 weeks in a row (fast-track)
  • once every other week
  • once per month
  • any other pattern that works for your schedule

Reach out today to learn more about this exciting new program!

Continuing Education Unit Details:


This course is taught by Sandi Tindal, who is a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance. Participants who are members of Yoga Alliance will receive 16 CEUs upon completion. Aquatic professionals are encouraged to petition for their CEUs. Sandi is a member of the Aquatics Therapy and Rehab Institute and recently taught at the International Aquatics Conference IAFTC 2023.