The story of Dallas Aqua Yoga

In September 2015 Camella Nair of Aqua Kriya Yoga was invited to AquaFit of Plano to train a group of interested yoga teachers and aquatic fitness professionals in the art and science of aqua yoga. These teachers were not limited to just the Dallas and Texas area but came from other parts of the United States -- as far as New York and Florida. Camella was recognized as a pioneer in the field with nearly 20 years of experience teaching aquatic yoga to a diverse population; many of these individuals would not have otherwise even begun a yoga practice without the supportive environment of water to guide them.


From that training group, Sandi Tindal, a yoga teacher on staff at AquaFit of Plano, began immediately to share the practice of aqua yoga under the encouragement and support of Mimi Conner, the owner of AquaFit and Linda Frink, the director of activities.  The community response was tremendous: what started as one class per week on the schedule grew to three per week. Older students who used to practice yoga were thrilled to pick up their yoga practice again as yoga on land had become too difficult for them. Students new to yoga realized that there was a way they could be empowered to learn healthy breathing and body movement patterns in the water.


In February 2017 Camella was invited back to provide the aqua yoga level 1 training again. This time two more members on staff at AquaFit of Plano took the training to support the ongoing aqua yoga classes. Included in this group were yoga students and yoga teachers from the Texas area as well as a yoga teacher all the way from Singapore.


Inspired from her meeting with Katherine Winge of Austin Aqua Yoga at the training, Sandi decided to create Dallas Aqua Yoga with a vision to continue to spread the joy of aqua yoga to the Dallas community. She is honored to be part of the movement to make yoga more accessible, especially to the people groups that may need it the most.


Please visit our Why Aqua Yoga page and our sister website to gain a fuller perspective on our teaching approach and values. You can learn about who our teachers are on the Teachers page.

"Water flows from high in the mountains. Water runs deep in the Earth. Miraculously, water comes to us, And sustains all life." -Thich Nhat Hanh