Personal Aqua Practice Consultation Rates & Payment

Review of intake form & preparation of script for first session: $25

This is your start-up investment in the process.


Please note your session rate as follows includes my time working with you through your personal script plus my time independently editing and tailoring the script based on what occurred in the one-on-one session. You will receive a script for you own personal use after the session is complete.

Personal Consultation at Aquafit's warm salt water pool during normal open swim hours:


45-50 minutes for $95


Please note that this rate includes use of the pool as a resource during open swim hours whether or not you are a member of Aquafit. You will have a privacy lane marking off space for the consultation. Other clients of Aquafit may be present using the pool. Volume is low during the week and potentially higher on weekends. Children also may be present

during open swim.


In the event that your condition requires us to use the pool steps, I will be unable to mark off the space as other open swim clients will need use of the steps for entry and exit. I will do my best to keep the work space as private as possible.


Complete Privacy:


45-50 minutes for $120


For an additional $25, you can schedule a complete privacy session with no other open swim clients present. These are held after normal facility hours. Hours for this offering are very limited. 


As a note, the normal facility charge for a private party is $175 for 2 hours with a 2 hour minimum requirement. This complete privacy offering allows you whole pool usage at a significantly reduced rate without having to meet the minimum time requirement.

Personal Consultation Home Pool Visit:


45-50 minutes for $75


Tips for travel to client's home greatly appreciated. Round-trip mileage from my home to yours will be noted on your invoice. Generally, I am willing to travel within a 25 mile radius from my home.



I use a scheduling application tool called PocketSuite to handle my payment transactions. The tool operates with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which keeps payment information secure.


To reserve an appointment, you'll need to provide to me your email and/or cell phone number. When I enter your appointment in my tool, it will send you a notice to confirm. The tool requires your credit card information to confirm. Your card will not be charged for confirmation; in the event of late cancellation (less than 24 hours notice) or no-show, the tool will then charge 50% of the session rate.


When you have completed your session, you will see an invoice sent to your email or cell phone for the services I provided to you. When that invoice has been sent, you will see a link that allows you to pay with your credit card.