Remote Consultations

I'm happy to address questions outside of a consultation session. Please keep the following in mind.


Though I recognize that each person has their preferred mode of communication, I do have an approach in place that allows me to address questions that I feel gives you an effective result in my consultation process.


1. If you have a question that can wait, please write it down and bring it to your session with me. If you have multiple questions, please prioritize your questions when you come so that we can address the most important ones first.


2. If you feel that you cannot wait, please feel free to either email or call me. If you feel something you are doing is causing you pain, then I need to know. Please do not send your questions through text or Facebook Messenger. Having an email record and/or a record of your call is going to be more helpful in this process.


3. Depending on the question, I may be able to address it quickly through email. If not and I feel that it warrants an answer before your next session with me, we will set up a time to address it via phone conversation.


4. If our phone conversation exceeds 10 minutes, the base cost of the phone conversation is $10 for 10 minutes. Each additional 5 minutes is charged at $5.

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." - Bertha Calloway