Preventative Care & Restorative Movement Training

Through Preventative Care and Restorative Movement Training sessions, your breath and movement aquatic yoga experience will be tailored to meet your current condition and wellness goals you have. You may need:

  • to create a specific strategy for smart athletic activity recovery
  • help and guidance with working through a health condition that challenges your activities of daily living
  • a personalized pathway from physical therapy discharge toward further improved integrated movement function
  • to develop your own regular preventative care & restorative routine that you actually enjoy and fits in your schedule

You'll receive thorough personalized attention throughout the process along with your very own breath and movement aqua yoga scripts that will help you practice on your own.


Reach out to me to learn more about this exciting, innovative and one-of-a-kind approach to moving, breathing and feeling better. Remote interaction is possible!

"You Can't cross the sea by merely standing and staring at the water." -rabindranath tagore