The J of Dallas' Warm Water Pool

Features of the J's pool that makes it an excellent environment for aqua yoga:

  • pool water temperature is maintained at 94 degrees
  • features such as bars, wide-entry steps and seats
  • pool water depth at 4' 0"; wide-entry steps provides options for individuals who are shorter
  • instructor can view and access students from deck on three sides of the pool
  • floor to ceiling windows provides plenty of ambient lighting

Who Benefits from Aqua Yoga?

Aqua yoga benefits ALL ages and body types. We have seen:

  • the most athletic individuals able to release overworked muscular patterns and still experience unique challenges by practicing yoga in the water
  • overweight individuals enjoy a break from gravity who can build muscle mass without hurting their joints
  • individuals living with pain or those recently released from physical therapy who need encouragement to move their body in a gentle yet structured manner to regain strength, mobility and healthy movement patterns
  • populations who experience difficulties with mental faculties and/or mood disorders find the pacing and controlled contralateral movements in aqua yoga helps them to increase their ability to focus and improve cognition activities for daily life
  • pregnant women able to better take care of their body through mindful exercise

Which Population Most Readily Connects with Aqua Yoga?

Typically, we see that our aqua yoga classes are largely attended by the senior community.  Seniors are the ones who are the most willing to connect with the aqua yoga experience. However, we have lately seen younger individuals ranging in age from 20s to 50s who still work come take the evening class on a regular basis. Many of these individuals find that it either helps them relieve stress and complements their aerobic activities very well - they are able to relax muscular tension/holding patterns due to repetition from those types of workouts. Often they are surprised by the amount of core, leg and arm strength challenge and coordination the practice provides.

Aqua Yoga is Inclusive and Builds Community

Aqua yoga is an inclusive practice that encourages and empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue wellness in mind, body and spirit.


Learn more on the wide variety of conditions people live with who are included in the practice:


Our teaching approach encourages students to get to know each other and explore how connection with another supports yet also challenges them in balance and strength work.

Any type of flotation device can be used for resistance work in the water. We often use pool noodles but we have also used kick boards and aqua bells. When positioned to be pressed down into the water, the student can both actively strengthen and release muscle groups. Level of challenge can be adjusted to placement and weight of the flotation device.

The students themselves have shared their own stories about how the practice has transformed them:

Group Work - Short Clip

Specialized Anchoring and Strap Techniques

The bars bolted into the pool wall create a likelihood of strap techniques being available for students. This type of resistance work is excellent for building strength in muscles surrounding the knees without submitting the joints to loading under full gravity. It is also a helpful to help students practice hip stability as well as opening shoulders and learn how to practice spinal extensions in a healthy way.

Abdominal work and arm balance work can also be explored.

Other Recommended Equipment

Various weight pool noodles, kick boards and aqua bells.

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